Pocket watches were at their height of popularity and production during the latter years of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century. However, this changed due to the manufacturing companies' ability to produce smaller movements, leading to the rise of the wristwatch. Fashions come and go and today we probably rely on our smart phones to tell the time but there is something quite special in owning an antique pocket watch. They remind us of how things used to be; a tangible connection to our forefathers who wore them with pride.

Antique Pocket Watches

Just about everyone owned a pocket watch from Royalty to the average Joe and although there may have been a difference in monetary values, they were equally prized by their owners. They represented status, to some degree, with the most affluent sporting the finest state-of-the-art movements in high grade solid gold cases, suspended from equally impressive Albert watch chains & fobs. However, the vast majority of pocket watches were not of such high grade as they had to endure the ravages of the everyday workingman's life.

So, who buys antique pocket watches these days? Well there are many reasons to consider their purchase. Collectors will want to buy the best examples they can afford to fill gaps in their collection. Investors buy them based on their potential to return profits at a future date. Individuals buy them either for themselves or for someone else, usually to mark a special occasion such as retirement, anniversary, birthday or achievement. Quite often they are bought for all of these reasons. Whatever the reason it makes sense to be selective and avoid buying low grade movements especially when housed in low grade cases. As with all antiques it is wise to buy the best you can afford; consider things like rarity, quality, condition, age, size and weight especially if the case is solid gold, and if it is in working order.

Today's well groomed man in his 3 piece whistle with accompanying pocket watch and Albert, looks every bit the dog’s doodahs as he did over 100 years ago. Fashions may change but 'style is style' and will always stand aloof from the latest vogue.

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About 'Just Pocket Watches'

The Collection

Selected for their quality, condition and rarity. Each antique pocket watch is described in detail to include all the information that matters when considering a special purchase. The collection includes English, American and Swiss examples; solid gold, gold filled and silver examples as well as open face, half hunters and full hunters.

One of the joys of owning an antique pocket watch is its tactile nature. They feel good to hold and the daily process of winding them up and setting the time becomes a pleasure rather than a necessary task. They do not, of course keep particularly good time (compared with your smart phone), but some will be accurate to within a minute per day (usually the higher grade pocket watches) whilst accuracy to within 2 to 3 minutes per day is generally regarded as acceptable for antique pocket watches. A descent example will certainly be accurate enough to get you to all your appointments on time and you will look great when you get there.

Based in Dorset, England, Just Pocket Watches sources all watches from private collections and auction houses throughout the United Kingdom. The collection is ever-changing but will usually contain English, American and Swiss examples including gold pocket watches. Condition, quality and rarity are the key factors we use when adding new watches to the collection. If you do not find what you are looking for it is well worthwhile checking back from time to time or contacting us to see if we have anything in stock that might be suitable.

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